All the tools available on the platform are open for everybody. To create a lesson you should be registered on the platform, you can also register using one of your existing social media accounts.

1. To create a new lesson, just click on “Create a lesson” in the main menu. After typing the title you will receive access to the Lesson settings where you can:

  1. change the title,
  2. add a related concept (tag),
  3. make your lesson private or public,
  4. add different steps with text, video or practical assignments.

You can also download and upload steps, add any attachments, delete step or the whole lesson.After you've created a lesson you can access statistical information about it. For example, how many times was your lesson viewed or how many attempts were made by the students to complete the assignments etc.

It is advised to not create more than 16 steps in one lesson.

2. To create a new course, just click on “Create a course” in your profile. Read more about course creation process in the course management section.