You can create and publish programming courses on Stepik (platform for online courses) using PyCharm Edu (educational Python IDE from JetBrains).

You will get all advantages of online LMS (Learning Management System) and standalone IDE (Integrated Development Environment), working together to help your students learn programming with ease.

Key features

  1. Students get real-world programming experience by solving problems within intelligent PyCharm IDE (connected to Stepik).
  2. All students' submissions are stored online, so educators can easily give personal feedback to their students.
  3. Educators can setup deadlines, monitor personal grades and overall gradebook, send course announcements, enroll / unenroll students, add additional materials into the course (texts, videos, file attachments, quizzes).

Only Python courses are currently supported.

Other popular programming languages are coming soon (in 2017).


Please take a look on PyCharm Edu guides:

More questions related to Stepik are below:

1. How to create an account on Stepik

Easy! Go to:

2. How to add students to a course on Stepik

You can add students on the "Permissions" page of your course:

A. Generate an invitation link and send it to all students.

B. Enroll a student by email or Stepik User ID.



3. How to open a course in PyCharm Edu (for students)

1. You need to have an account on Stepik (create here: and be enrolled to this course online (ask your teacher for invitation link).

2. Download and install PyCharm Edu.

3. Open PyCharm Edu, go to File > New Project... > Educational.

4. On the third line ("Courses:") click on the last icon ("Select local course"), then choose "Load private courses". See screenshot below:


5. You will be asked for your Stepik email and password. If you don't know your password (e.g. you've used social network login to Stepik), you can reset the password on or set it on while logged in.

6. After entering your email and password, you may optionally setup master password to store your Stepik credentials locally in the IDE.

7. After some loading time, you'll be able to choose a Stepik course from "Courses" dropdown menu. Then click "Create" button and you're ready to go!