Linux Challenge steps for their operation use a complex cloud service which operational status is continuously monitored. If the service doesn't work properly at the moment you will see one of the following indicators on a Linux Challenge step:

service partially up.png
The service is partially broken and may not work correctly right now.
service down.png
The service is broken and may not work correctly right now.

In both cases sometimes you are able to successfully solve Linux Challenges but it's not guaranteed. We recommend you to wait until the problem is fixed and the broken status is gone.

We're aware about these service statuses and we're working on fixing the problem when it happens. There is no need to inform us about it.

Some of known issues that can happen while working with Linux Challenge steps are described below:

1. You press the "Open Terminal" button but you don't get a terminal window.

Check that you get the same behavior using Google Chrome browser. If so, please write us about the problem. It will be very helpful for us if you attach console logs from your browser to the request. More information: how to open a debug console and save logs.

2. You get a terminal window but can't type in it.

The Docker container that your terminal connected to is probably not running because of some system issues. Try to submit your current solution and then reset the attempt (press "Start over" button). After that your terminal will be connected to a new container.

3. Internet is not accessible in the terminal.

The Internet access in the terminal is very limited. Some of the resources that are not blocked: official Ubuntu repository, PyPI repository, GitHub, Dropbox, Google Drive.

4. You get a wrong or strange feedback from the check system.

Every check system feedback on a wrong solution should start with "Failed test #N". If you see this message you can be sure that the check system evaluated your solution correctly. However there may be an error in the checking script that can lead you to getting a "Failed test" feedback on a correct submission. In such a case write about it in comments to the challenge. The challenge creator will be notified about the problem and hence can fix it.

5. You use Windows and can't paste anything in Terminal


Pasting in Terminal currently doesn't work, but we can suggest you this hack:

  1. Download AutoHotkey.exe (or AutoHotkey_x64.exe) from
  2. Create a file called AutoHotkey.ahk (или AutoHotkey_x64.ahk) with only one line in it:
    #v:: sendinput %Clipboard%
  3. Put this file 
  4. Запускаете AutoHotkey.exe - он должен загрузиться в трей и ждать сочетание клавиш <Win> + <v>.
  5. В нужный момент (в редакторе, в терминале Степика), нажимаете сочетание клавиш <Win> + <v> и содержимое буфера обмена будет символ за символом быстренько введено в то место, где находится курсор, как будто вы сами вводите эти символы с клавиатуры.

If you receive some internal error on your submission try to submit your solution again in a few minutes.