On the right side of the course page you can find an arrow with all course settings:


1. Edit information. You can add and edit all information from the main page of the course: workload, information about the course, certificate, course format, target audience, requirements, detailed description. You can upload course logo (width = 230 px, height = 230 px), intro video (up to 200 MB in size), add authors of the course and instructors.


2. Edit syllabus. You can create modules and lessons in the course, add your lessons that were created before (by their ID or name). Here you can also set open and close date, soft and hard deadlines, choose grading policy for each module and course at all.


3. Edit certificate (only for MOOCs). Read more about points and certificates. In Edit certificate you should upload the organizational logo (if needed) and instructors signatures.


4. Permissions. This page can help you to add new admins in your course, teachers, testers and learners. You can do it by Stepik ID, e-mail or specially generated invitation link.


5. Grade book. It is a list of all learners of the course with their points for each quiz. You can find any learner by his or her name, Stepik ID or e-mail. 

6. Adaptiveness. You can make your course adaptive. Read more about that


7. Instructor dashboard. It is a useful page that can help you to find problem steps: steps with the low success rate, abuse, negative and pending comments.


8. Statistics. Statistical information about the number of learners that applied for the course, viewed and passed each lesson.


9. Reports. You can download grade book and different statistical reports about learners' submissions and activity. Pay attention that reports are deleted after 7 days.


10. Clone course and clone module. This option allows you to create the same course but without learners and their activity or clone your module to another your course.


11. Attachments. You can upload files on Stepik.org. Each file size limit: 25MB


12. Delete course. Only course admin can delete the course.