After you've created your course on Stepik it's important to understand how to manage it and support your students. 

Communication with students through newsletters. 

In the course settings you can find the button called the button 'News', where you can create newsletters for all the enrolled students. The messages will be sent to students by email and will be displayed in their profiles. 

A list of necessary announcements in every course: 

  • it's necessary to let students know about the start day of the course and all the important information, including deadlines, assignment types and the content of the course et c. 
  • announce the opening dates of the new modules.
  • identify the frequently asked questions and provide answers on them. 
  • provide comments on difficult assignments. 
  • provide students with additional information on the content of the course.
  • let the students know about certificates and congratulate them on completing the course.
  • let the students know if the course will be relaunched.

When you send out the newsletter, each student will also receive their own progress report in that newsletter. 

Additional settings: 

1. Send the newsletter only to the people with a certain amount of points. For example, in case a student can get a maximum of 242 points in your course, you can manage the newsletter so that students with top 50 percent (121 - 242 points) will get a different message from the bottom 50% (0 - 121). Note that students, who received 121 points will get two emails. To avoid that, try to set the percentage of the students in a way that would produce a fraction when multiplied by the number of points (e.g. 49% and 51%).

2. Set an automatic newsletter that will be senе to a person at the moment of the course registration.  It's very important to create this newsletter if your course is self-paced. 

3. Set the date when the newsletter is supposed to be sent. By default, the newsletter will be sent the moment you hit the 'Send' button. If you want to send the newsletter later you can set the date.  You can also set intervals between the sending the letter. If the box 'send announcement forever' is ticked, the announcement will be sent out every day in a given interval unless you stop it. 


Note, that the emails might start to be sent out a bit later than the set time since they first have to be queued up and the email are sent with the speed of 2 emails per second. 

You can check if the email looks the way you'd want it to look by sending it to your own email address (button 'Send example to myself') 


Managing the comments. 

Under each step, there is a place where users can leave comments. Usually, it is used to ask questions about the course or let the instructor know about some mistakes or issues in the step. You can answer the comments right in the comment section. The general policy is that it is prohibited for students to share answers to practical assignments, therefore you can feel free to delete such comments. You can view all the comments under the section 'Comments' in every course.  

For every comment you can:

  • write an answer - answers by instructors will be highlighted. 
  • follow or unfollow - receive updates on the comment in your email. 
  • rate the comment as negative or positive.
  • delete the comment, if the problem is solved already or if the content of the comment is judged to be inappropriate.  
  • report the comment to the team of Stepik.

Any moderator or students can also subscribe specific lessons and step comments. 

View the statisticsRead more about the statistics here

The users of the platform also receive various automatically generated notifications ( If a user has a lot of unread notifications they will be sent to her email in bulk. 

Notifications are sent out in connection with different events on the platform:

  • 36 hours before any deadline in a module that a user is enrolled in. 
  • The starting date of a module of a course the user is enrolled in. 
  • A reaction to a comment. 
  • For peer-review and instructor review assignments: a new review or the grade for the assignment.
  • If the user is added to a course as an instructor by her User ID. 

Besides above mentioned notifications, the instructors receive notifications about: 

  • Every comment under her step.
  • The fact that her report, gradebook or certifications were queued up or generated.