You can change your active plan on the pricing page — To unsubscribe from active plan press the button “Unsubscribe”. To subscribe to another plan just press “Buy now” button under the name of plan.

If a monthly subscription is scheduled for a date that does not occur in a given month, we'll create the charge on the last day of the month. E.g. after January 30, the next charge will be on February 28 or 29, and the next one – on March 30.

If you cancel your subscription, all your private courses will become disabled (closed). It means that you will still retain full access to courses, however your students won't be able to access its content.

If you downgrade your subscription, some of your courses may become disabled to fit into the new subscription plan limits. You can then disable and enable the courses you need. You can avoid this situation by disabling or deleting unnecessary courses before downgrading your subscription.

If you downgrade or upgrade your subscription in a middle of billing period (month), then the next charge will take this into account – see details at

If your next monthly payment will fail (e.g. if your card gets declined), we will notify you about it by email. If no action will be taken to make the payment for the next month, your subscription will be canceled in 15 days.

We do not offer refunds.