Private courses can be of two types: enabled and disabled. You can teach students on the enabled private courses, this type of courses is you need to paid, more about our subscription plans —

You can also invite students to the private disabled course, however they will only have access to the course syllabus, but the content will still be unavailable. Private disabled course can be useful for teachers who want to fill the course up with content, before making it publicly available.

To make your private course enabled you can:

  1. Make it public and then enabled
  2. Subscribe to any plan and keep the course private, while making the content available to your students.

All created courses are open by the default.

To change course status (public/private or enabled/disabled) go to the Permissions page.


If the line Public is checked - course is open, if you uncheck it - course will be private.

If the line Enabled is checked - course is enabled, if you uncheck it - course will be disabled.


Press “Save access settings” button to save changes.

If you are on a Free plan, you can’t enable your private courses.