How can I write a course review?

If you passed 80% of course you can leave a review on the course. At any time you will be able to edit or delete your own review.

Can I still join a course if I missed the deadlines?

Yes, you can, because all the course materials are still accessible. If the instructor decides to close the course to update it or to relaunch it you will be notified via email. Note that if the deadlines have already passed you won't be able receive the score for the assignments and to earn a certificate until the course is relaunched.

I'm completing assignments but my score doesn't increase. What's wrong?

You cannot receive any score if the hard deadline has passed, so check the deadlines in the course syllabus.

I’ve gotten the score required for the certificate but haven't received it yet. Why?

If the course you're taking has deadlines then you have to wait until the last deadline to receive your certificate. If you're taking a self-paced course (without deadlines) your certificate will be issued automatically within 24 hours.

I've already received my certificate but I continue to work on the assignments and receive additional points. Will my score on the certificate change?

The achieved score will be updating as you get more points. Certificates update within 24 hours.

How can I change my name and surname on the certificate if they're incorrect?

You have to change your name / surname in your profile, make sure that your profile isn't private and then send us your profile URL here. We advise you to check whether everything is correct at the very beginning.

What should I do to get my JetBrains license key?

To receive a free JetBrains license key you need to complete 3 coding or data challenges in 7 days. If you have done so but haven’t received any notifications in your profile, please contact us here about the number of challenges and in what courses you've completed them and your profile URL.

Why don't I receive any news or letters from Stepik?

You can manage your email notifications in your profile settings.