The instructors of every course have access to detailed statistics about their student's performance.

Where can you find the data: 


1. For each assignment you can view the success rate and the number of students succeeding in completing the assignment. Not that is the success rate is unusually low ( less than 20% ), you might conclude that the assignment is too difficult and change it accordingly.  

2. For each lesson included in a course there is information on the average time of completion, number of views and students who fully completed the lesson.

3. In every course you can find all the statistics about course enrolment and the success rates of modules under the settings category 'Statistics'. 

4. in the Grade book (found in the course settings)  you can see and also create an Excel sheet containing all the information about course enrolments and number of points obtained by the students.

5. You can observe the course performance based on the success rate of students and comments on the course in the Instructor's Dashboard. 


Additionally, the instructors have an opportunity to generate a variety of customer reports under the menu 'Reports' found in the course settings. 

The types of reports:

Learners' submissions

Course structure

Step stats

Grade book

Grade book without deadlines

Learners' activity



Exam sessions

Time to complete

Course teachers


The reports can be generated and exported. The reports are saved on the platform for 7 days after creation.

Reports of learners' submissions and grade book are also available for any lesson.

For generating additional or further customized reports you can use Stepik API. You can write a script ( and generate customized reports. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at