Before you make your course open to your students, please make sure that:

  1. The course material (theory and practice) is fully and successfully published on Stepik (you picked deadlines in Edit syllabus, your module takes 3-5 hours per week of theory+practice);
  2. Your focus group solved all the practical assignments (at least 5 times per quiz) and the content is clear for everyone after the tests (Note: private link for focus group invitation could be generated in Permissions > Testers > Create new invitation link);
  3. You prepared announcements for the student community, professional community, mass media, social networks.

After you open the course, please make sure that:

  1. You pay a lot of attention to the 1st week, comment on student questions, not take personally negative ones. Comment feed is available in Comments tab. You (your assistants) are being active at the rest of the course as well;
  2. You send at least one time a week an informational letter by Stepik mailing system (News > New announcement);
  3. You prepare certificate form (Edit certificate > points, logo, signature) (Available for MOOCs) 
  4. You finish the course and issue the certificates (Stepik certificates available for MOOCs).