Students do not have to pay anything to study on the platform.

To start out you'll need to register on the platform

It's advised to use your official name and last name so that your certificates can be valid. 

You should also use a valid email since you will have to confirm it during the registration process.

After confirming your email you can start choosing courses and enroll in them. 

You can also register on the platform using one of already existing accounts on a third-party website. You can use an already existing social media accounts (Facebook, Google+, Twitter). You can also use GitHub, Coursera or edX account. 

You can connect your existing account to Stepik in the settings: Profile --> Settings --> Social login. You can always disconnect your accounts if you like. 

Note that in case you'd like to disconnect a social account you used for entering the platform you will have to set a password for your Stepik account. You can do it in Profile --> Settings --> change passwords. Then you can disconnect your social account. 

Your profile page contains all the important information. There are three main categories, namely:

  • My courses - displays the courses that you've joined.  
  • Teaching - in case you wish to also teach on the platform, the courses you've created will be shown there.
  • Profile - showing your short bio and activity.
  • Certificates - the collection of certificates you accumulated.
    On your personal page, you can also create a lesson or a course and change your profile, view the calendar of your activity and your schedule. You can also measure your progress by tracking your Knowledge and Reputation points.

    When editing your profile you can:
  • change your personal information
  • set or change your password
  • change your email address and set up spcoal log in
  • set up your location
  • set up the social profiles you would want to share on your page.

Every user of the platform has a unique ID, which is shown in the address bar  of your browser as well as in your profile next to the date of the registration.