Every step of each lesson on Stepik has the comments (discussions), where each registered user can leave a message. 

You can write comments just under the step or in a special area for comments ("Solutions") to those who correctly answered the task. 

For each comment you can:

  • reply. 
  • subscribe and unsubscribe to receiving the notifications about this comment.
  • put a positive or negative mark.
  • remove your comment if the problem is already solved.

For each step ans lesson you have the option to subscribe to comments.

Please note that according to the rules of the platform you are not allowed to share answers on assignments, such comments will be deleted. Please also follow the rules of ethics and be friendly in the comments.

You can also meet other students in social networks:

Your course instructor may send announcements about special events, new materials, or other course-specific developments. About other Stepik notifications you can read here