Points on Stepik can be received for correct answers to the practical tasks in lessons and courses. Points in MOOCs (https://stepik.org/explore/courses) will allow you to receive certificate — regular or with distinction

For each course, teachers decide

1. the order of points scoring:

  • scores do not depend on deadlines,
  • after the soft deadline it is calculated only half of the points
  • points are awarded linearly, the later you have completed the task after the deadline, the less they will be.

2. the number of points required to receive a regular certificate,

3. the number of points required to receive the certificate with distinction.

The number of points awarded for a correct solution, can be seen in the lower right corner tap in each lesson. 

The certificate can only be received by registered users in MOOCs. If the course is open without deadline, you will receive a certificate automatically, but if you then rack up more points - it will be updated. 

Note that certificates are issued and/or updated during the day.

Certificates are in PDF. Certificate link will be available in your profile, you can share it or add in LinkedIn

Please note that the certificate will contain your full name from your profile, so please write the correct information there!