On Stepik you can receive special points of knowledge and reputation.

The total amount of knowledge and reputation is displayed in your user profile (on the left, under the avatar).

The knowledge you can get for successfully solving problems in a popular open lessons if they are:

open (has an icon SS);

has at least one tag (the tags are usually listed under the title of the lesson);

more than 100 other users have passed them.


For each task you can get from 0 to 10 knowledge depending on its complexity (computed by the implicit formula). Information about whether you will get the knowledge for solving a specific problem can be found in the step with the task at the bottom (next to the number of correct answers).

Note that your level of knowledge can sometimes slightly fluctuate (increase or decrease).

Reputation can be obtained when other users solve your open lessons with tags or like your comments. We take into account only steps with more than 100 solutions.

On Stepik you can see 20 the best students in the knowledge and 20 best students to the reputation.