Stepik is a platform that makes computer science education more efficient by providing powerful content creation tools for instructors and the best interactive learning experience for students. We are also running an adaptive learning pilot and a few other data driven initiatives to advance the learning process.

Stepik is a full-featured MOOC platform. We host hundreds of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and small private online courses (SPOCs), used around the globe.

You can find MOOCs in our catalog: or use search and find open courses or lessons which will be interesting for you.

Stepik aims to apply data mining techniques to make education more efficient and to improve the way people learn and teach. Adaptive and personalized learning are one of the key priorities of our platform. We aim at providing educators in the field of IT with innovative tools for making their educational process more efficient and interactive. You can join and try our first adaptive course:

In 2016 Stepik launched mobile apps, you can download them here:

mobile app for iOS

mobile app for Android