You can add topics (tags) to each lesson on Stepik.

There are two types of topics:

1. Lesson topics — topics that reflect the theme of the lesson. These topics indicate what is the theme reflected in your lesson and what students will study that helps us to evaluate the progress of students on each theme and help them to find necessary lessons.

2. Prerequisites — topics that indicate which topics students need to study before they begin your lesson. These topics need to relate the themes of all the lessons created on the platform.

You should add topics in the edit mode of the lesson:

Please use Wikidata to add topics.

1. Find necessary topic for you on

2. Open the page on the topic and check that the meaning of the theme as you had in mind. For example, for the tag Python as a programming language page looks like this:

3. Copy Wikidata ID of the desired tag. For tag Python it is Q28865.

4. Insert the Wikidata ID of the desired tag in the fields on the lesson page. 

5. Check that the tag has been preserved and is displayed with its name (the database of the names of the tags in Stepik coincides with the base on Wikidata).

If you participate in the contest observe also the following rules:

1. All lessons must have one topic that reflects the theme that you chose.

2. Each lesson (theory and assignments) should also have its own topic.

3. Add "prerequisites" to all the lessons for which you can define.

4. Use Wikidata to add topics.