Before the start of the course it should be tested by testers. 

Testers – users, who can engage with the course and the content and comment on it before the official opening date of the course in order to test it. 

The testers can be added by the admin of the course. You can do it in the Course permission settings in following ways: 

1. Add users to the focus group ("Testers") using their Stepik ID (in case they are already registered on the platform). 

2. Add users to the "Testers" group using email (if they are not yet registered on the platform).

3. Generate an invitation link and send it to potential testers by other means of communication (it is generally convenient in case you do not wish to control the size of your control group).

Some information on course testing:

Users, included in the focus group can: 

1. Watch the videos and texts, solve problems and complete assignments and comment on them before the course is open to the general public. 

2. Receive points and the certificate upon the completion of the course. 

3. Be excluded from the overall statistics of the course and the Grade book (however, in case they received a sufficient amount of points for a certificate, their certificates will be included in the certificate statistics). 


After the testing period you should:

1. Fix the issues identified by the focus group. It's best to fix the issues, however in case it is already impossible (e.g. in a video) you can leave a clarifying comment for future learners.

2. Delete all the comments generated in the process of testing to avoid confusing future learners.